Born in Boston?
Engaged on Nantucket?
Married in Watch Hill?
Honeymoon in Hilton Head? 

Celebrate the places you live, love, and visit with Made in Rhode Island Jewelry! Nautical charts and locally themed designs each tell a story of the places that mean the most. 

We love where we live!
Our passion for celebrating place began with our love for where we are from - Rhode Island! Commuting through her small towns and villages, spending countless hours combing her shoreline and exploring her waters...Lil' Rhody has left a profound impression on us. 

We love where we travel!
From a young age we were bit by the bug...we love to visit and explore new places! Day trips around New England, "staycations" right here in Rhode Island, road trips down I-95, flights over the mountains and across ocean waters...you name it!

Combine our love for the places we live and visit, our eye for the latest jewelry trends, with our background in custom design and imaging and 'Made in Rhode Island Jewelry' was born! We want to share our celebration of place with you.

Beautiful tokens to commemorate the places that mean the most. D
esigned and handcrafted in Rhode Island from the finest materials. 


Don't see your favorite place? 

We are working daily to add all of the beautiful places you know and love to our website.
Shoot us an email and tell us where your favorite place is - we'll bump it up our to-do list!